From Concept to Reality

No matter what size of project you have in mind – whether you’d like to build a house from the foundation up or simply renovate one room in your home – Platinum Builders has the experience and expertise to make your dream, a reality. You may know exactly what you want and are looking for someone who can take those ideas and make them come alive. Or you might have a few concepts and are looking for some guidance. Either way, if you can dream it, Matt Relouw, President and founder of Platinum Builders, can build it.

I don’t repeat any of my buildings. I do custom work always. There are no ‘packages’ because each project is designed and priced together with my customers and according to their needs. We discuss everything upfront, right from the beginning.

Matt Relouw

At Platinum Builders, there are no hidden numbers. From the very first meeting, it soon becomes apparent that things are a little different with Platinum Builders. That’s because with Platinum Builders, it’s more than just doing business. Born and raised in Grand Bend himself, Matt is well-known in the community and knows the area well. The people here are more than just his customers, they’re neighbours too.