At Platinum Builders, your desire for a remodelled home is a pleasure to realize. Located along the shores of Lake Huron, in a cottage community, Platinum Builders has often converted local cottages into year-round residences. One particular conversion is a source of pride for Matt. Contracted to restore a family’s 1940s cottage to its original grandeur, Platinum Builders exceeded expectations. Not only did Matt completely refurbish the interior, but his expertise and attention to detail ensured that the new updates accurately matched the original craftsmanship.

They were very pleased. We used all the same building materials that they used in the late 1940s, including pine log siding and pine plank flooring. It took a lot of time to find the materials but the results were spectacular.

Matt Relouw

Platinum Builders’ willingness to explore new ideas and expand the boundaries of construction possibilities has brought both international and local recognition. For his progression into timber-frame style homes, Matt has been featured twice in the American publication Timber Frame Magazine and locally, in the Homes section of the London Free Press. At Platinum Builders, new concepts and building techniques provide a welcome opportunity to deliver on our commitment to you and superior construction. When you choose Platinum Builders, you are choosing an industry leader.

It’s not often that you come across a company like Platinum Builders. One that you know will build your home as if it were their own. But that is simply who they are, and Matt’s reputation speaks for itself. One couple experienced first hand just how personal and committed Matt is to both his customers and to superior craftsmanship. While viewing cottages in the Grand Bend area one evening, their real estate agent delivered them unexpectedly to Matt’s door. Welcoming them in, Matt walked them through his home, explaining the details of its construction.

Impressed with Matt’s openess and the quality of workmanship within his home, the couple not only chose Platinum Builders but left all the detailed choices for the build up to Matt.

After seeing my own home and what I’ve done, they knew they could trust my judgment.

Matt Relouw

Platinum Builders puts their relationship with you at the forefront of building your home. Matt guides each of his customers through the building process, encouraging them to visit the job site on a regular basis.

I want the customer to be involved throughout the process so they know what’s happening at every stage of the build.

Matt Relouw

That includes one on one meetings between you and the professional sub-trades helping to create your home. From meeting with an electrician to choose where to place the outlets, to working with an interior designer to develop a plan to accommodate existing furniture, Platinum Builders involves the customer every step of the way.