What We Do

Whether building a new home or renovating an existing structure, Platinum Builders strives to achieve a standard of superior quality. By using the same local tradespeople every time, Platinum Builders ensures consistency and quality. With values that reflect Matt’s personal commitment to superior workmanship, the tradespeople are ideal partners when constructing your Platinum Builders home. Through a solid relationship with you as well as their sub-trades, Platinum Builders understands the value of commitment.

For Platinum Builders, incorporation the location of your home in the design process is just as important as the solid construction of the house itself. Many customers come to Platinum Builders with a building site in mind, including lakefront settings and treed surroundings. Platinum Builders makes every effort to ensure that each new home is a reflection¬†of its environment. Whether nestled amongst statuesque trees or tucked along a sandy shoreline, Platinum Builders balances your home with its surroundings. When you choose Platinum Builders you choose a builder that’s a natural fit for you and your dream.

Building a home is an exciting time for you and with Platinum Builders you can rest assured that is exactly what it will be. With Platinum Builders, realizing your dream is a priority. Through a strong partnership with you, and a focus on quality, Platinum Builders will strive to make your home building experience a pleasant and satisfying one.

I want building with us to be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Nothing should be stressful. I want this to be an enjoyable experience.

Matt Relouw